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Tungsten Weights, 3 oz. Cube & Putty Kit, 12 1/4″ Cubes + 1 oz. Putty, Easily Tune Your Pinewood Race Car Weight for Maximum Speed


  • SAVE & WIN WITH OUR WEIGHTS: Use code G5UZN2PS to get 10% off any 2 A Mustard Seed Toys tungsten weights. It’s pure physics! Stacking our dense tungsten weights at the back of your car gives you more potential energy and multiple sizes make nailing the target weight of your pinewood car easy
  • MORE WEIGHT, LESS SPACE: Tungsten is 2.7 times more dense than zinc and 1.7 times more dense than lead, High density weights are less bulky and make it easier to find that optimal placement for speed
  • SAFER THAN LEAD: Tungsten has superior density and is non-toxic (safe to handle without gloves), great for winning your race and keeping deadly materials away from your kids. After all, we all forget to wash our hands occasionally!
  • PRECISELY CUT WEIGHTS: 3 ounces total, 1 ounce of putty and 12 1/4″ tungsten cubes (1/6 ounces each)
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Our tungsten cubes and putty are great non-toxic, high-density weights that are perfect for tuning your derby car weight and center of gravity. Drill a hole to hide the cubes right where you need the weight, top with putty, sand, and paint to keep your car looking smooth with clean lines and a hidden secret weapon. Or, just glue them in place and your car will be just as fast! Finish your car’s tune up with some of our tungsten putty on race day with the official scales to hit just the right weight and find the perfect balance for the fastest possible car. Tungsten is similar to lead, but non-toxic and 1.7 times more dense. And, it’s 2.7 times more dense than zinc, which some sell as a non-toxic alternative to lead! That means that you can hide the tungsten wherever you want and keep your car looking great. Each resealable package comes with 3 ounces of tungsten weights in total; 2 ounces of tungsten cubes, 12 – 1/6 oz. pieces and 1 oz. of pliable putty. The cubes are sized at 1/4″ so that you can easily drill a hole to conceal them inside your car. Our Guarantee If you’re not happy with your tungsten weights, just let us know, and we’ll give your money back. We would rather do the right thing and have a happy customer than keep your money.

3 reviews for Tungsten Weights, 3 oz. Cube & Putty Kit, 12 1/4″ Cubes + 1 oz. Putty, Easily Tune Your Pinewood Race Car Weight for Maximum Speed

  1. Steven Forder

    Great weights and spot on. I did find round ones easier in past due to simply inserting into drilled whole. These were great for the chassis in my car above.

  2. D. Shaw

    This is a must for easy fast weight adjustment

  3. J Williams

    Great product fast shipping

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