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Tire Swing Kit for Trees or Swing Sets; Stainless Steel Eye Bolts and Nuts, Webbed Straps, and Screw Lock Carabiners


Everything you need but the tire and hanging strap to the tree, includes 3 eye bolts with locking nuts, screw-lock carabiner, and 3 webbed straps.

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  • Everything But the Tire: Add a Used Tire From a Local Shop and a Hanging Strap and You’re Ready to Go. Our tire swing kit includes bolts for the tire, 3 wide PE straps, and an extra safe screw-lock carabiner. Just purchase the correct length Hanging Strap for your tree swing and get a tire (they’re expensive for us to ship!), and you’re ready to go!
  • Built to Last: Wide straps and heavy-duty stainless steel hardware can hold the whole family and resist rust and corrosion. Our PE straps last much longer when exposed to UV light than cheaper nylon straps do.
  • Safe and Secure Fun: The soft webbed straps are better than chains for small hands and the screw-lock carabiners are guaranteed not to come loose, unlike knots!
  • Hang Any Tire, Horizontal or Vertical: Use all 3 eye bolts to hang your tire the traditional way or use 1 to hang the tire vertically.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee: Satisfied customers love our tree swing kits, and we know you will too. We use only the best materials like 304 stainless steel in our outdoor play equipment for durable products. If you are unsatisfied in any way, for any reason, we will immediately refund your purchase.

Our Tire Swing Kit was Designed with Our Kids in Mind!

At A Mustard Seed Toys, we believe in integrity and charity. And that means not cutting corners on quality for profit on this tire swing kit. We know you’ll love how our tree swing products hold up. If not, we’ll send your money back!

Easy Installation of Your Tree Swing

See the detailed instructions on this blog post. ¬†Just pass the webbed strap’s loop through the eye bolt, pass the end back through and pull tightly to connect to the tire. Then, snap the carabiners¬† to the other ends and you’re ready to hang your tire!

The Tree Will Break Before Our Straps Do

Our industrial grade nylon and thick stainless steel will hold any child or adult you can get in a swing! We test each sample to failure, so we know that it will hold up. To us, this isn’t just about slick marketing words, it’s about safety for your most precious possession.

Features You Will Love

  • Industrial strength materials will be around after your kids move out
  • 2 inch wide strap prevents damage to your tree by spreading out the load
  • 3/8″ stainless steel hardware resists rust and will not fail under heavy use
  • Our webbed straps are much easier on small hands than a chain, and you don’t have to worry about pinched fingers

What Else Will You Need to Hang Your Tire Swing?

After buying this kit, you will also need:

  • A tree or swing set to hang the tire swing from!
  • One of our Tree Hanging Straps to connect to the limb or play set
  • A tire (a local tire shop is a great place to get used tires for almost nothing)

See our full guide for how to hang your tire swing or the video below if you need some help!

We guarantee our products unconditionally. If you are not satisfied with anything at all you purchased from A Mustard Seed Toys, we will refund every cent.

At A Mustard Seed Toys, we believe in integrity and charity. And that means not cutting corners on quality for profit. We know you’ll love how our tree swing products hold up. If not, we’ll send your money back!

Additional information

Weight 1.5 oz
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 2 in

20 reviews for Tire Swing Kit for Trees or Swing Sets; Stainless Steel Eye Bolts and Nuts, Webbed Straps, and Screw Lock Carabiners

  1. C. M. Coppenbarger

    This kit was easy to setup on an old tire we had laying around. The straps are heavy-duty and very sturdy, as well as the heavy-duty carabiners that come with the kit. The kit comes in a little pouch so that I suppose you can store it back away if you move or something like that. The only drawback is that a set of instructions might have been nice, but I’m fairly handy and figured it out from the pictures. You also have to order the strap which goes around the tree limb separately.

  2. Luke Frederick

    Excellent tire swing kit. The hardware is very high quality stainless steel. The kit is worth it just for the hardware alone. Would definitely recommend.

  3. JoeyWoey

    Hard to go wrong with this. Has been pretty sturdy for a week now. Love the fact that there are no metal chains but smooth nylon like material.

  4. katiejomcd

    Works perfectly for our tire swing!

  5. AC

    Great for the tire swing. My granddaughter loves to spin

  6. Pam Nudd

    Makes a great tire swing! Great product and service!

  7. A. Corder

    This was pretty easy to set up, and with a few extra pieces (tree branch strap, tire), we’ve got the best swing in the neighborhood. The kids love it, and after being up for a couple months, everything still looks and works great.

  8. AC

    Little confused when assembling the straps, but what a great product, fun for all.

  9. craig

    The swivel doesn’t swivel! So when playing on the tire swing the belt / strap material twists up tight and starts binding .

  10. Lance

    Everything seems to be as good quality I know it’s China made but at least it’s stainless steel. Thanks

  11. John H. Lewis

    Very secure!!!

  12. J.R.

    All parts in box and worked as designed.


    Great quality. All hardware was smooth and finished nicely. Hooks up fast and everyone loves it.

  14. Lindsey Travis

    This item itself seems great so far, but I had to deduct a star because their description is misleading unless you pay attention to the fine print. The description says the kit includes everything you need but the tire…BUT it doesn’t. You will need an additional strap or rope to attach the tire swing to your tree. This kit contains three bolt and washer sets and three straps for the swing. There is NOT a strap to attach the swing to your tree.
    The product itself seems good, but just be sure you know what you’re getting.

    • Jen

      Hi Lindsey, since we don’t know how high your tree limb or play set is, we have to leave the purchase of the final strap up to you. That was in the listing already, but I’ll make a couple of changes to really emphasize that.

  15. skydog

    Perfect makes the job a snap!!!

  16. deborah ann wiseman

    Initially missing parts. Quickly replaced parts. Great product easy to install

  17. maybell

    It took some work to hang it but my grandsons just love it.

  18. Christopher

    Good hardware, quality straps, good construction.. It was a little more than I wanted to pay, but I couldn’t piece together the parts for less.. in fact, it was much less this way.. Works great! Kids love it! I’m happy!

  19. Brian Solamon

    i love the straps and how kids fingers cant get pinched. The only thing its that its a little difficult to get the strap through the tiny eyebolt hole. I also wish they gave instructions for people who wouldnt know how to use the hardware, i didnt have this trouble but some people may.

  20. Janice Erwin

    I ordered this for my 5 yearold granddaughter and my husband installed it. It works to perfection. She loves it! The only reason I did NOT give it a 5 star rating was the lack of written instructions about the installation. My husband had to search the internet to find how to attach straps to the eye rings. All in all it is a very good product.

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