About UsHey!

We have a passion for kids and their development and giving.  So, we decided to make and sell toys that nourish and grow the best in our kids and create joy in them while they learn.  The same way a mustard seed sprouts and grows into a mature tree that is prepared to leave a lasting impression!

We also believe strongly in giving. There’s nothing like a gift to brighten the hearts of the recipient AND the giver. Whether you call that charity or just being nice, we want to make that part of our business every single day.

That’s why for every product you purchase on our site, we’ll give the same toy to someone else in need through our partner charities.

You get a smile from the toy you purchase, and you give a smile through the toy you give.

Just think of the difference we’ll make!

Everything we sell here has been carefully chosen, designed, and tested for maximum fun, learning, and safety.

Please connect with us and let us know how we’re doing.  Even better, send a picture of your kids having a blast with their favorite toys!


Founder, A Mustard Seed Toys

Huntsville, AL

(804) 453-8697