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Jumbo Sidewalk Chalk, 20 Pieces, Tapered Diameter Prevents Rolling Away


  • 20 Pieces Perfect for Small Hands – Jumbo 1″ diameter, over 4″ long pieces are perfect for young hands
  • 7 Vibrant Colors – Draw anything you can imagine with a great assortment of colors (red, yellow, green, blue, orange, purple, white)
  • Easily Washable – Spray with water to remove from sidewalks and driveways
  • Won’t Roll Away – Chalk pieces are thicker on one end so that they don’t roll to the road
  • Reusable Plastic Tub – Pick up easily and avoid the mess, reuse to organize toys after you’re done
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At A Mustard Seed Toys, we make products that we’re happy for our own kids to use . . . and we can be picky parents! Our chalk products came from our daughter’s love of arts and crafts. She loves to keep our driveway decorated, and I’m sure your kids will too.

Sidewalk chalk is an affordable toy that’s good for hours of fun. And, it’s great for stretching your kids’ creative abilities as they dream up and create animals, castles, vehicles and more.

What Your Kids Will Learn with Our Large Sidewalk Chalk

– Develop fine motor skills as they play and use chalk to learn shapes, colors, and patterns.
– Love playing all of the games you did as a kid as you introduce them to hop-scotch, mazes, four square, tic-tac-toe, and more!
– Immerse themselves in their imaginative worlds while they practice and hone their artistic abilities.


20 Jumbo Pieces of Chalk in 7 Colors
– Red
– Yellow
– Green
– Blue
– Orange
– Purple
– White

Our non-toxic chalk conforms to ASTM D 4236.

Great for stretching your kids’ creativity with animals, castles and vehicles.

Develop fine motor skills as they play and use chalk to learn shapes, colors, and patterns.

Introduce your kids to hop-scotch, mazes, four square, tic-tac-toe, and more! Here’s an idea for learning with mazes to get you started:

Sidewalk Chalk Sudoku for Kids

How to Play:

If you have ever played Sudoku, you know how satisfying it is when you finish a puzzle. Well, for your son or daughter, it does not need to be as complicated.  Otherwise, you’ll spoil the fun.

Sidewalk chalk sudoku 2So instead of the 9×9 grid, have a 4×4 grid with shapes, colors or even numbers. If it is for shapes, each row and column can have a rectangle, square, circle and oval.

Then, you play the game just like you normally would by making sure that every square has one of each shape and that no row or column has 2 of the same item.

Learning Objectives:

  • Colors
  • Numbers
  • Shapes
  • Letters
  • Sight words

How to Make it More Challenging:

  • Leave more and more blanks in the puzzle that need to be filled in
  • Advance from shapes and colors to letters and sight words
  • Increase the size of the grid to 3×3 or 4×4

Like it?  You can find more educational sidewalk chalk games over on our blog.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 oz
Dimensions 5.5 × 4.5 × 4.5 in

14 and up, 2 to 4 years, 5 to 7 years, 8 to 13 years

64 reviews for Jumbo Sidewalk Chalk, 20 Pieces, Tapered Diameter Prevents Rolling Away

  1. Brittney

    Excellent product.. it arrrived when it said it would… but I guess within travel the packaging had busted open and it was all over the the bottom of the Amazon delivery box… but other than that I have no complaints…Great Procuct!!!

  2. AC

    I gave this as a gift to my daughters 5 year old for Christmas. It was 70 degrees and the whole family was out on the driveway creating Christmas wishes & other chalk pictures! It was a FAMILY gift:)

  3. Carin Kim

    My two year old loves playing with this chalk, it’s comfortable for him to hold and doesn’t break easily.

  4. AC

    The packaged arrived crushed and the chalk was in pieces. A real mess!

  5. dweed4444

    These were decent, but a little fragile for my liking.

  6. AC

    Way overpriced. It’s my fault for not reading more carefully but I thought I was getting a much larger pack of chalk for $10. Would not purchase again.

  7. Nancy Adams

    Not as big as I thought when it said JUMBO. I should have researched a little more I guess.

  8. AC

    Grandson Loves the chalk and Carrying case

  9. AC

    Great! My 3 year old son loves them.

  10. AC

    Kids love this chalk. Its big enough for little ones to hold on to the chalk and stores clean in the plastic container

  11. AC

    a little bit big for 2 year-old baby. But it’s fine, my boy loves it.

  12. Treece

    they were ok, but realized too late that i can buy the same chalk for half the price.

  13. Jacquelyn Bell

    Great colors, great price, and they withstood elementary school student’s hands, they did not break and they lasted for a long time.

  14. catherine barkley

    Grandson loves these.

  15. Julia Hartung

    Great chalk and arrived right away. We got it for our son’s4th birthday party and it was a big hit!

  16. Summer Marquardt

    hours of fun for a toddler

  17. AZmom

    I purchased two boxes of chalk to use for a PTO event at the school. Chalk was packed pretty tightly in boxes. A couple pieces were broken. 100 pieces, but not equally of every color as you would think if you received 10 colors and there were a 100 pieces . The black or grey color we had 12 of and 11 white pieces of chalk. So we could not give equal colors to participants. The actual quality of the chalk was pretty good. Color came out nice and bright. Just wish there were equal amounts of each color.

  18. jo

    Bought these for my husband for work – he is an insurance adjuster and uses them to mark the storm damage on homes – he likes them alot – they do not crumble easy and he can use them multiple times as they do not wear down quickly at all.

  19. Kris

    While a fantastic price for this amount of chalk, and the chalk seems to draw well on pavement – it arrived with many of the pieces broken in half. Good thing my kids don’t care a bit!

  20. Lisa S

    We bought this as a Recess contribution for our daughter’s school. Huge bucket of sidewalk chalk at a great price. The kids love it!

  21. bryan burks

    Kids love this chalk. Its big enough for little ones to hold on to the chalk and stores clean in the plastic container

  22. GStrong2

    Great amount of sidewalk chalk and lots of colors. Will last us a while.

  23. M

    Huge fun for everyone. Enough to go around

  24. rickref

    Does the job. The kids love it during recess.

  25. AS

    Colors are really dull. They all look like washed out pastels.

  26. Floyd M.

    Grand kids love it

  27. Dawn Marie

    It’s great to have sidewalk chalk with a bucket in case the kids leave it out in the rain it won’t get ruined. All my kids had a blast with it. Plus the seller emailed a list of educational ideas for outdoor chalk – above and beyond!

  28. AC

    kids love it

  29. Gabe Serna

    Bought this as I thought it had black chalk and when I got the two packs no black chalk in either one. Very disappointing for kids.
    It is advertised with black chalk included.

  30. Arpeggio Garden

    We bought this chalk for our “Love Chalk” project to leave messages of inclusion all over our campus. Nice, big chalk pieces, work very well on concrete surfaces. Colors are nice and varied. Great price!

  31. Greg Holt

    Lots of chalk for busy little hands, great for siblings and friends too. Bright colors, too!

  32. robin Kavanaugh

    My grands love drawing with chalk and they were so excited to get this box and could not wait to use it, Christmas day they made body outlines of all of us and had a great time!

  33. Abby Hill

    Got this for our son’s 6th birthday party so the kids could play outside! It was a hit! The chalk wrote smoothly and had great colors. We loved using this chalk.

  34. AC

    Kids love it!!

  35. Jayne L. Hampey

    Perfect, thank you!!!

  36. Rebecca Burget

    Lots of broken chalks. Worked nicely but a little bummed about the broken pieces.

  37. Louise

    Big box of sidewalk chalk. Everything as expected except for some broken chalk.

  38. Catherine McElroy

    Sending home with students for Neighborhood Love Notes so I’m glad it’s so economical!! Received quickly too!

  39. FS

    Excellent for sidewalk chalk. Nice big fat pieces of chalk perfect for little ones writing on the sidewalk.

  40. AC

    I think we will have chalk for the next year!!!!!

  41. NBFM

    We love the many colors in this box! Arrived as expected. Thank you 🙂

  42. Havahboy

    Good amount for the price there are some cracked but the kids break it anyway

  43. Russell W. Pumphrey

    It is chalk…

  44. melinda couch

    Great product and fast delivery. Kids are loving it!

  45. Michelle W.

    Thank you…great chalk!

  46. Brian F.

    Makes a great gift the kids next door loved it

  47. Dimond Books

    Great product and seller!!!!!!

  48. Matt Gronefe

    Our kids love sidewalk chalk

  49. Steven Autry

    My granddaughter loved it.

  50. Pam

    Exactly what we needed!

  51. cheryl watford

    fun fun fun

  52. Kem

    It may look like a variety of colors in the box, but there is so little pigment in the chalk colors that they all look the same on the surfaced colored.

  53. AC

    The chalk breaks in half when you pull one out of the box, most of the chalk are broken in half as soon as you pull it out of the box.

  54. Mara Vernon

    Some were broken, and to be expected really, it’s chalk!

  55. NNV

    The colors are a bit too pale for kids, otherwise good

  56. Heidi L C Ruud

    My students love having such a big box!

  57. Andrea Vogel

    Using this in an afterschool program. Kiddos will have lots of fun!

  58. AC

    Just want the kids wanted.

  59. photocat

    worked great for my project

  60. Barbara O.

    Kids loved it!

  61. Kindle Customer

    Advertised as 50 pieces but only 49 in bucket. Don’t see how another piece would fit anyway otherwise OK


    Liked the shape so much!! No rolling. Packaged beautifully. Fun colors and many of them. We have a little darling neighbor who at age 51/2 sat on his driveway and drew an entire town, people, buildings, streets and was able to do this because you put wonderful colors in, the consists of the chalk doesn’t even wash away with rain,hose,actually is lasts for weeks. HAPPY CHILD, HAPPY PARENTS, HAPPY NEIGHBORS!!Thank you for caring so much Jen!!

  63. AC

    Works great, love the container. Kiddo definitely loves it!

  64. Miss Linda

    I bought this item for the kids at my elementary school to use at recess & they love it!!

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