Fireman Paper Dolls, A Fun Craft for Boys and Girls

It wasn’t long after we started practicing scissor skills with my daughter that my son wanted his own crafts to do just like she was.  At the time, his sister was really enjoying cutting out and playing with princess paper dolls.

Well, as it turns out, there just aren’t very many paper dolls out there that he was interested in.  So, we decided to make our own and share them with you!

I think our graphic designer did a great job with these, what do you think?

A Fireman Paper Doll for Boys

This fireman has the clothes and equipment to do almost any job!  You can print him out on thick paper so that he stands up more easily.  Or, just lay him down and dress him up.

For older kids, they will be able to cut around the tabs and insert them into the slits to put on his clothes and equipment.  For younger kids, it will be easier for them to just cut off the tabs and tape them on.  The downside to that approach is that it will be hard to change his clothes and swap out his equipment to fit the job!

Here’s a preview, click the button below to get the full image delivered in Messenger.

Firefighter Preview - fireman paper doll with clothes and equipment

And here’s the final product of the fireman.  I just love how you can give him a hose, radio, axe, or a rope and choose the helmet that he uses too.

Fireman paper doll finished

Fireman Paper Doll for Girls

Have a daughter who’s an aspiring fireman?  We made a fireman paper doll for girls too.  This girl has everything that she needs for a day fighting fires and communicating with her crew!

The image below is a preview of the full, high resolution file.  If you’re interested in printing out one for your little firefighter, just use the button below, and I’ll deliver it straight to Messenger for you.  If you like, I can stay in touch to let you know about other crafts and giveaways that we do.  Otherwise, you can unsubscribe at any time.

female firefighter Preview - fireman paper doll for girls with clothes and equipment

I think she turned out pretty well!  Of course, my daughter has much more patience for crafts at 6 than my son does at 4. 🙂

Woman firefighter paper doll

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