Creative Ideas for Your Magnetic Tile Set

Let’s say your brain needs a jump start to find some fun things to make with your new set of magnetic tiles.

Well, we’re here to give you some inspiration.

The thing to remember is to build up your structures in layers.  You can easily attach all of the magnets to each other when they’re laying flat on a table or on the floor, and then raise it into a shape after everything is in place.

We build a:

  • star
  • satellite
  • house
  • penguin

It’s a bit hard to describe, so take a look at a quick demo video and follow along to get the hang of it.

Creating Shapes with Magnetic Tiles

Hopefully, you picked up some ideas from that video.  But, just in case you didn’t see something that caught your eye, here are a few more to scroll through for inspiration:

Magnetic Tile Tower Build

Magnetic Tile Tower Build

Plus, you can always check out our princess castle and royal coach sets or our firefighter and farm sets for even more ideas of things to build.  Then, let your imagination run wild!

We hope you and your kids love playing with your magnetic tile set.  Our kids sure did!  That’s how we knew that you would get a ton of use out of them too.

If you really want to make my day, post a picture of your kid’s creation on our Facebook page so that all of us can enjoy it. 🙂

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