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Tungsten Putty Pinewood Derby Weight, 1 oz.


  • Easily tune the balance and hit the exact weight of your pinewood derby car using less space: Break off as much as you need for precise tuning of your Pinewood Derby car
  • Quickly move weights and test to build the fastest possible race car. No drilling into your derby car is required.
  • 1 oz. of 99% pure tungsten putty, like lead only safer – non-toxic and environmentally friendly
  • Mold it into custom size and shape fishing weights too; hit the perfect depth for optimum presentations every time
  • 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied

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This tungsten putty weight is great for your Pinewood Derby car.  Place the putty anywhere you need to in order to control the center of balance and easily move it to find the fastest configuration.

When you’re finished, you can even paint over the putty to make it match your car!


  • 1 oz. of tungsten putty

Additional information

Weight .1 oz
Dimensions 12.6 × 9.4 × 1 in

5 to 7 years, 8 to 13 years

34 reviews for Tungsten Putty Pinewood Derby Weight, 1 oz.

  1. Robert Reddig

    Works well–a highly dense putty. But, beware, since it’s a semi-liquid, it DOES run. I put it in my Pinewood Derby car with a hole on the bottom of the car, and it “leaked” down overnight. So, if you do that, store the car upside down. Or better yet, make the hole from the top!

  2. Harvey C. Schwartz

    I received your product in the expected container undamaged. The 2 ounce metal container was easy to open. I had a difficult time removing all the putty from the container as the included plastic protector adhered to the putty. The instructions, regarding the putty use, you provided, via email, did not provide instruction regarding how to soften the putty, so I struggled extracting all 2 ounces of putty from the plastic and metal container.

    I provided a 3 start rating due to the fact that the putty stuck to the plastic and metal container and I lost approximately .1 ounces from my order. As you know in the Pinewood Derby world, weight plays a big role.

    I would like to recommend a researching containers that would eliminate the putty sticking to metal or hard plastics.

  3. Zac

    Good Stuff! My boys are in Cub Scouts, and this was for Pinewood Derby car weighting. I’ve been unlucky with tungsten putty before where it’s too crumbly and hard to get to adhere. This stuff has great consistency – it was easy to adhere, but had enough balance that it was easy to work with and break down too to get to a precise car weight. I’ll definitely purchase again for next year’s race!

  4. Davis Walp

    Advertised as 2oz but that includes the weight of the container. Useable amount far less.

  5. Pierced Armor

    Great product as always. Contributed to a 2nd and 3rd place finish in our PWD.

  6. John

    Works great.

  7. Stephen Carmona

    I’ve been working on pinewood derby cars for a while. I first started with my children, then the past 10 years holding derby car clinics.

    Tungsten putty is important to get your car to maximum weight. I keep the unassembled car weighted at 4.9 ounces. I drill a shallow 1/4 hole under the car and pack in the tungsten putty to make up the last bit of weight. That way on race day you can make small weight adjustments without trashing your car. The fastest car is the heaviest.

    I’ve been getting tungsten putty from the large online derby suppliers. I figured I’d save money in shipping, use Amazon prime, and try a new product. This putty is less dense than the putty I’ve worked with in the past. It seems to have more sticky binder and less tungsten powder than what I’ve used in the past. I ordered 3 units. They easily fit inside one container. I even mixed some tungsten powder to the 3 blobs of putty.

    I prefer the stuff I got before but this will work

  8. Benjamin Knight

    If you’re debating between the plug weights and the putty I would get 3.5 in the plugs and then 1 oz in the putty. The putty is really amazing for micro adjustments.

  9. Anonymous

    Very nice product; just what I was looking for and exactly as described. Also, the retailer sent a very nice follow-up email offering to help with any questions I might have.

  10. Marcelo

    Extremely satisfied with my purchase, Item arrived on time and as described, excellent purchasing experience. Will recommend!

  11. Steve Spencer

    I used it for adding weight to my flies for fishing, it was a little hard to get out of the container but it worked very well once applied.

  12. John Simmons

    Great seller & great product! I used it on a slot car I am working on to run without down-force magnets.

  13. dtcho100

    Quality product.

  14. Cat Toureilles

    You don’t get a full ounce of putty! since it was cheap enough what can ya say, but reading another review, it seems all the companies might do this practice of shaving product. The Putty and the waxpaper equalled 1.000 oz. but i wasn’t interested in buying paper, was i? so they shorted me 0.015 oz. it’s just the principal of the matter. the product is good and tacky, so it should be good for my pinewood derby car.

  15. Chad Sumrall

    Worked perfect

  16. Meghan S Dalton

    This tungsten putty is great for fishing in the trout streams of western North Carolina. It works better than traditional split shot because it is less likely to get hung up in the rocks. It allows you to add or subtract weight depending on river flow and depth. This is a must have for any trout fisherman. Tungsten putty is also environmentally friendly.

  17. John H Lowery

    Work great for balancing model aircraft.

  18. C. M

    Great product! Nice weight
    Molded putty into a canopy for my sons Pinewood dervy car.

  19. chris neu

    Very helpful for model building and, especially, pinewood derby.

  20. busted oyster

    good stuff for ballast in model airplanes… sticks well.

  21. Kyra Harmon

    Works Great!

  22. Kispiox

    Great product and quick

  23. Amazon Customer

    Just what I needed to help my son fine tune the final weight on his pinewood derby car.

  24. Michael D. Holt

    Excellent Service and product

  25. Bobby

    Use this to swing weight golf clubs. Sticky work great. Mine arrived wrapped in “wax paper” so I was able to use it all. Great product.

  26. AC

    Worked perfect for getting the exact weight I needed

  27. Michael P. Nolte

    There’s a lot less than it appears in the photo. Works as advertised.

  28. 71Grande

    I liked this stuff because you can use a portion of it for what you need to be done. The stuff conforms to the shape of the cavity you are putting it in. I used one fifth of it to put a weight in the radome of the F-16 model. If there is no weight, the model airplane will do a wheelie!


    Makes getting exact weight easy.

  30. Edward King Jr.

    Very sticky.

  31. AC

    Made it very easy to fine tune weight right up to 5.00 ounces

  32. Jackie

    My son used this to add additional weight to his derby car. This weight is ideal because you can remove or add a bit at weigh in to get your car right on spec with the “official scale”. If you just use regular weights, there is no flexibility so it’s always a good idea to be a tenth or few hundredths of an oz under to account for possible differences in scales. With this Tungsten putty, you can be exact! Even better, my son came in first in his pack!

  33. Sean

    Bought this putty to add to my son’s pinewood derby car for scouts. It worked great and got his car to the needed weight! Even helped him make it to the leader board!! Thanks a bunch for the great customer service! You have definitely got a new customer!!

  34. Stephen L Faulkner

    Easy to use and precise. You can add extra weight wherever you want on the car.

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