Jumbo Sidewalk Chalk, 50 Pieces, Tapered Diameter Prevents Rolling Away


  • 50 Pieces Perfect for Small Hands – Jumbo 1″ diameter, over 4″ long pieces are perfect for young hands
  • 10 Vibrant Colors – Draw anything you can imagine with a great assortment of colors (red, yellow, green, blue, orange, purple, brown, rose, black, white)
  • Easily Washable – Spray with water to remove from sidewalks and driveways
  • Won’t Roll Away – Chalk pieces are thicker on one end so that they don’t roll to the road
  • Reusable Plastic Tub – Pick up easily and avoid the mess, reuse to organize toys after you’re done
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At A Mustard Seed Toys, we make products that we’re happy for our own kids to use . . . and we can be picky parents! Our chalk products came from our daughter’s love of arts and crafts. She loves to keep our driveway decorated, and I’m sure your kids will too.

Sidewalk chalk is an affordable toy that’s good for hours of fun. And, it’s great for stretching your kids’ creative abilities as they dream up and create animals, castles, vehicles and more.

What Your Kids Will Learn with Our Jumbo Sidewalk Chalk

– Develop fine motor skills as they play and use chalk to learn shapes, colors, and patterns.
– Love playing all of the games you did as a kid as you introduce them to hop-scotch, mazes, four square, tic-tac-toe, and more!
– Immerse themselves in their imaginative worlds while they practice and hone their artistic abilities.


50 Jumbo Pieces of Chalks in 10 Colors
– Red
– Yellow
– Green
– Blue
– Orange
– Purple
– Brown
– Rose
– Black
– White

Our non-toxic chalk conforms to ASTM D 4236.

We’ve tested our chalk thoroughly, and it works well on concrete, asphalt, chalkboards, chalkboard paint, and wood (tree houses and playground sets). I’m sure there are more too, we’d love to hear what your kids like to decorate with their chalk.  Feel free to post their latest creations on our Facebook page or Instagram using #amustardseedtoys.

Great for stretching your kids’ creativity with animals, castles and vehicles.

Develop fine motor skills as they play and use chalk to learn shapes, colors, and patterns.

Introduce your kids to hop-scotch, mazes, four square, tic-tac-toe, and more! Here’s an idea for learning with hop scotch to get you started:

Hop Scotch

How to Play:

This is an old classic. With hop scotch, your kids learn and get exercise!  You can lay out the board with different chalk colors and have the kids jump as you call the colors.  Or, as they get older, have them shout the colors at each hop.

Of course, you could do the same things with numbers and alphabets.  But, don’t just be a taskmaster, get in there and start hopping to show them how it’s done.

Learning Objectives:

Sight words
How to Make it More Challenging:

After playing with shapes and colors, advance to letters and sight words for older kids.

Like it?  You can find more educational ideas for your sidewalk chalk over on our blog.

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