Magbuilders Rapunzel’s Tower Instructions

Our Magbuilders Rapunzel’s Tower Set makes a perfect entry into an imaginative world exploring independence, trust, and love.  Complete with characters for Rapunzel and her prince, your kids will have hours of fun re-enacting this classic story first penned by Friedrich Schulz and reworked by the Grimm brothers.

One of the best things about this set is that kids are free to create and modify features using their imagination.  We find that our kids don’t need or want instructions after the first build.  Until then, here’s how they can build their first tower:

Building the Base of the Tower

When designing this set with our daughter, we found that a wider base let us build a much roomier play area for Rapunzel and her prince.  So, we use 4 isosceles triangles and 4 rectangles to form the base.

Now is a good time to decide if you want a pink, purple, or patterned tower too.

After laying out the tiles as shown, stand them up and connect the ends to form the base.

Magbuilders Rapunzel's Tower Magnetic Tile Base

Building The Mid-Section

Magbuilders Rapunzel's Tower Set
Magbuilders Rapunzel
Magbuilders Rapunzel's Tower Rapunzel and prince
Magbuilders Rapunzel's tower middle section

Next, use 4 rectangle pieces and one square to form the middle of the tower.  You can choose if you would like to add window and brick pieces now or save them for the top too.

Note the LED insert that goes between the base and the middle section to provide colorful lighting effects.

Building The Top of Rapunzel's Tower

Now, you can form the floor for the top of the tower.  We use two layers of magnets here for extra strength.

The bottom is made from 6 triangle pieces while the top is a single hexagon with a clear floor for your characters to walk on.

Magbuilders Rapunzel's tower floor pieces
Magbuilders Rapunzel's tower floor

Now, use the remaining squares and isosceles triangles to form the walls and the roof of the tower as shown below.

Magbuilders Rapunzel's tower top open
Magbuilders Rapunzel's tower top open 3
Magbuilders Rapunzel's tower top open 2

Assembling the Sections of Your Magnetic Rapunzel Tower

Now, just assemble the three sections, and you’re ready to play!  You can use the included windows, balcony, and brick pieces on any part of the tower.

Magbuilders Rapunzel's Tower Set
Magbuilders Rapunzel
Magbuilders Rapunzel's Tower Rapunzel and prince