Magbuilders Ladder 51 Magnetic Tile Set Flash Sale

fire truck magnetic tiles, rescue vehicles

So I’m going to level with you, I ordered way too many of these for Christmas. Now, I have to choose between paying a warehouse owner storage fees or selling these at a loss to you and well . . . I like you better! So if you have a loved one with a passion for fire trucks, this is a great deal on an educational and fun toy that you won’t see again after I sell through this inventory.

Normally, I sell these sets for $34.95. The Lego Duplo style firemen and flashing siren make this a one of a kind set. I’m currently running a sell for 60% off to sell these.

Here’s how you get the best price:

  1. Use to add the set to your cart (it’s an affiliate link so I can give you a better deal) on Amazon
  2. On the payment page, enter 2C5XH6IN as the coupon code to apply an additional discount just for my fans!

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I hope you enjoy them and thanks for helping out!