Fire Truck Instructions

Welcome!  We’re glad you purchased (or received) our fire truck kit.  I know your kids will love it just as much as my son.

Let’s start building!

Set Up the Base


First, we’ll form the base of the truck using the two sets of wheels and 2 rectangles.

Go ahead and decide if you want a bright red fire truck or a yellow fire truck during this stage.

Make the Body

Next, build the rest of the truck’s body with the remaining yellow and red magnetic tiles.

The pattern shown here is for a red fire truck.  Be sure to flip the pieces over if you wanted a yellow truck.

Also, save one square tile with an insert for the light bar on the top of the truck when you’re finished.


Now, fold the pieces over and around the driver to form the cab and body of the fire truck.

Then, place the piece with the light bar over the driver’s head.

fire truck body

Building the Ladder

What would a hook and ladder truck be without a ladder?

Let’s take care of that for him!

Go ahead and lay out the tiles for the ladder like the picture shows.

The platform with the yellow insert is where your fireman can stand to rescue people from the fire.


Next, grab the ladder in the center and lift it up and fold the pieces underneath to complete the ladder.

fire truck ladder

Enjoy Your Fire Truck!

Now your little fireman is ready to roll out with his new pals to fight a fire.  Have a blast!

Also if you have a few seconds, post a picture of your kid’s creation on our Facebook page.  We really get a kick out of kids having fun with our toys!

Magnetic tile Fireman set, fireman On Ladder