Endless Fun with Magnetic Tiles

Could you use more time to get things done at home without the kids around your legs?

What would you do if they played for hours without needing your help?

Well that’s exactly what you’ll need to figure out if your kids are like ours!

This summarizes our house before and after we got our first set of magnetic tiles:

before and after magnetic tiles

It’s been 6 months since we got our first magnetic tile set, and our kids still love building castles, houses, and trucks together.  They regularly disappear into their playroom until we go and check on them even now.

Know what might be the best part?

They are fun to knock down and clean up!

Since the tiles stick together, they are quick to knock down and put back into a tub or basket when it’s time to clean up!

Ready to find the right size set for your family?

MS01001 20 pc magnetic building set

The 20 piece set is just enough to get started to see how your kids take to building with the magnetic tiles.

If you have more than one child or try to build larger structures, this won’t be enough for you.

Magical Magnet-3

The 40 piece kit is enough to make larger structures for one child (or two that play well together).

It’s a great starter set that you can add to later.

MS01002 magnetic tiles

The 88 piece kit is great for when you want to make a building with a car to park out front too or have multiple kids.  The kit includes a kit for a Ferris wheel the plays music and lights up while you play.

The plastic tub is also great for cleaning up the tiles after your kids are done playing.