How to Set-Up a Teepee Tent

Setting up your teepee tent is part of the fun of buying one! It’s so easy and fun, you can even let the kids help out! Here, we’ve listed some tips to help you get started with our teepee assembly instructions, including threading tricks to secure the tent.

Read on and watch our video below for our step-by-step teepee assembly instructions.

1.   Attach the poles into each other to complete each of the four pole legs.

2.   Insert the poles into the designated sleeve holes on the sides of the tent.

3.   Close the Velcro door of the teepee. This is very important!  It keeps you from spreading the side with the door out too far, keeping the door from closing properly without tugging on the flaps. 🙂

4.   Hoist up the teepee and spread out the poles to make the teepee stand.

NOTE: If you want to hang a light or a lantern from the top of the teepee, this is where you’ll use the extra string provided. Loop it around one of the poles, and then let the ends hang down inside of the tent so that you can tie up your light once you finish setting up the tent.


5.   Start inserting the thread string into the thread hole of a pole then latch it on the thread hole of the canvas. Repeat until you’ve inserted the thread string in all the holes except for the last pole.

6.   At the last pole, make the two ends of the strings meet by inserting both ends of the thread into the hole of the last pole (making an X pattern). This will make it easier to tie the knot.

NOTE: If you have one of our teepee stabilizers (which we recommend for small children that will push and pull on the sides of the tent), this is where you would install that as well.  It will help to keep the poles spread out wide and prevent the sides of the tent from sagging inward as your kids play inside. And, in extreme cases, it can prevent the whole thing from falling over due to rough play. You moms know what I mean!!! ;)   

How to install the teepee stabilizer:

7.   Pull both ends of the string tightly. Gather the poles together to take the slack out and pull the strings until tight.

8.   Loop both string ends around the poles to help them stay in place. To complete the knot, tie a simple bow.

9.   Lastly, hold each pole and push it downwards and outwards to spread out the bottom of the tent.

10. Enjoy the teepee with your kids!

You can also see the video tutorial of our teepee tent assembly instructions here:

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