5 Places Your Kids Can Play with Easy Stikz Suction Cup Toys

Question: What is red, purple, yellow, orange, blue, and green and sticks to just about anything?
Answer: Easy Stikz!

Question: What is red, purple, yellow, orange, blue, and green and gives your kids hours of creative playtime and you hours of time for everything you need time for?
Answer: Easy Stikz!

Our new Easy Stikz suction toys from Mustard Seed Toys are colorful connecting ‘sticks’ made of silicone rubber. Both ends of each piece have suction cups that easily and readily stick to each other and to nearly every household surface you can think of. Easy Stikz are the perfect choice when you need something to challenge your kids’ imagination and hold their attention any time and any place.

To prove it, we thought we would go through all of the places that your kids could play – and learn – with our newest suction cup toys.

Places Your Kids Can Play With Easy Stikz Suction Cup Toys

Easy Stikz are great for:

  • The car: Easy Stikz stick to car windows, each other, and to the plastic and metal of most car seats. The also stick to hardcover books, plastic trays, and other hard surfaces.  While we can’t guarantee they won’t fall in between seats or down to the floor while you’re driving (anybody else wish they had Inspector Gadget arms?), with their surprisingly strong suction cups these have a much better chance of surviving the whole ride!
  • The bathroom: Easy Stikz are great for to the tub and shower, as well as the walls—wet or dry, above the water, or under the water.  If anything will get your kids inside on those summer nights to take a bath after a long day of play, these will do it.Using Easy Stikz suction cup toys in the bath
  • The kitchen: Easy Stikz stick to the front of the dishwasher and refrigerator. They also stick to cabinets, countertops, tabletops, the floor, and glass or metal baking pans.  Tired of hungry kids swarming you as you try to prepare a meal?  These will be a fun, educational distraction!Easy Stikz suction toys on refrigerator
  • The bedroom: Easy Stikz love hanging out on the walls, furniture, other toys, the headboard of your child’s bed, windows and window sills, and doors.  Literally any firm and flat surface will do.Easy Stikz suction toys on a window
  • The family room: Easy Stikz make themselves at home on wooden and tile floors, furniture, walls, windows, doors, and other toys. The even stick to the screen of the television…if no one is watching.Easy Stikz suction cup toys on a door

Educating With Easy Stikz

When we develop new products here at A Mustard Seed Toys, we look for longevity (how much use your kids will get out of them) and learning (the level they encourage and enhance creativity and education) as our most important criteria.  And just like our other open-ended products where we highlight great educational ideas using sidewalk chalk or educational games using STEM with magnetic tiles, I’d like to highlight a few opportunities for learning with our new Easy Stikz toys too.

Easy Stikz stick to each other and to most hard surfaces, but they also help a lot of things stick in your child’s mind. Easy Stikz help kids with the concepts of color recognition, sorting, and grouping are as well as developing motor skills and logic and reasoning skills. Not bad for a bucket of 84 colorful ‘sticky things’, is it?

They are fun, easy to use, and recommended for all children 3 years-old and up. You will also be happy to know that Easy Stikz are BPA-free and exceed all US and European toy safety standards.

Question: What’s not to love about Easy Stikz?
Answer: Nothing!

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