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Tungsten Pinewood Derby Weights – 3 oz., Multiple Sizes to Optimize Your Car for Speed


  • EASILY TUNE FOR SPEED: Multiple sizes make precise tuning of your Pinewood Derby car easy
  • MORE WEIGHT, LESS SPACE: Tungsten is 2.7 times more dense than zinc and 1.7 times more dense than lead, High density weights are less bulky and make it easier to find that optimal placement for speed
  • SAFER THAN LEAD: Tungsten has superior density and is non-toxic, great for winning your race and keeping deadly materials away from your kids. After all, we all forget to wash our hands occasionally!
  • PRECISELY CUT WEIGHTS: 3 ounces total, 3/8″ tungsten rods, 4 – 0.5 ounce weights and 4 – 0.25 ounce weights
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Manufacturer’s warranty for 1 year from the date of purchase if you are not completely satisfied
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Our tungsten rods are a great non-toxic, high-density weights that are perfect for tuning your pinewood derby car weight and center of gravity. Drill a hole to hide the rods right where you need the weight and keep your car looking smooth with clean lines.

Finish your car’s tuning up with some of our tungsten putty to hit just the right weight and find the perfect balance for the fastest possible car.

Tungsten is similar to lead, but non-toxic and 1.7 times more dense. And, it’s 2.7 times more dense than zinc, which some sell as a non-toxic alternative to lead!

That means that you can hide the tungsten wherever you want and keep your car looking great.

Each closable tin comes with 3 ounces of tungsten rods, 4 – 0.5 oz. pieces and 4 – 0.25 oz. pieces. They are sized at 3/8″ in diameter so that you can easily drill a hole to conceal them inside your car.

Our Guarantee

If you’re not happy with your tungsten weights, just let us know, and we’ll give your money back. We would rather do the right thing and have a happy customer than keep your money.

Additional information

Weight 0.3 oz
Dimensions 4 × 1 × 2.5 in

21 reviews for Tungsten Pinewood Derby Weights – 3 oz., Multiple Sizes to Optimize Your Car for Speed

  1. Tooner

    These pinewood derby weights are the best, and much less expensive than the hobby stores. They are great sizes and easy to install inside drilled holes. Tungsten is the way to go for sure, otherwise you’re stuck plastering a ton of led all over the car and it looks ugly. I will buy these again for sure! My boy did great in the Pinewood derby this year thanks to these weights, and he loved painting it like a spider with big fangs in the front – so cool!

  2. Rome

    Each year, we seem to have a need of Tungsten weights for our cub scout’s pinewood. You absolutely need it if you want your car to be faster.
    Also, we love the packaging from this seller as it wasnt just bubble wrapped. It was actually in a small container for more secure and better storage.

  3. Mr. DM Hansen

    Love the low profile of some of the weights. Perfect for pinewood derby and you can easily reuse them for other cars and activities.

  4. jg

    Great product. Might be a bit biased because we won first place for speed in AWANA Grand Prix with these.

  5. AC

    These are exactly what the car needed. A nice 3/8″ forstner bit and these slid right in. I held them in with Tungsten putty to get the right weight and away she goes. Thanks, A Mustard Seed Toys!

  6. Nathan L. Wilcox

    Perfect for pine wood derby!

  7. SJL

    Exactly as advertised. Nicely packaged. Made it quite easy to optimize the weight of my son’s car.

  8. AC

    Product was exactly as described. Worked perfectly, and we will be using them next year too!

  9. Michelle Scott

    Priduct was delivered quickly and exactly as described.

  10. Jeffery J. Brunger

    The weights arrived in a good time and met our every expectation.

  11. Rhiannon McWherter

    Good weights. came in a small tin for storage

  12. mark

    Love them!

  13. David Frederick Scarsella

    Great Product! Shipped fast…not as fast as my car is going to be this year but pretty fast.

  14. Kelly

    My husband bought these weights for our sons’ Pinewood Derby cars. Although expensive for weights they are amazing! If you are looking for small weights of various sizes that are almost unbelievable heavy or dense for their size…. then this is it! We bought two sets and plan to use them next year as well.

  15. David Batt

    Weighs were as described and worked great for my boys pine wood derby car.

  16. A. P.

    No issues – weights are as described. Looking forward to using them soon.

  17. P. Stockinger

    Perfect weights to getting car up to spec

  18. Danny D.

    Worked great! My son and I drilled a few of these weights into his pinewood derby car and super glued them into place, then filled over the holes for a “stealth” look. We got 3rd place out of 65 cars and we’re going to Regionals in April!

  19. Kindle Customer

    Nice set!

  20. J. Mansfield

    Not too much to say other than they did the job adding weight to our car and came in a nice screw top container. It was good to have the mix of sizes to dial in our car more accurately. I’d like to think they contributed to a well-placing car!

  21. Bob Page

    definitely helped us. we came in 7th place out of 47 cars and we didn’t do any tricks to the axles or wheels like bending the axles and riding on the edges of the wheels. obviously weights were not the only factor, but i think having the dense mass of these weights concentrated in one location just ahead of the rear axle made a BIG difference. The one race we lost out of 4 races, we got to the straightaway before any other car but ended up in 3rd place (0.08 seconds after 1st place). So that tells me our wheels were running out of graphite by the last race. Good product. I also sanded one weight down a bit to just get in under the 5.0 oz limit… Thanks!

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