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Magnetic Tile Fire Truck Set, 34 pieces, Red or Yellow Ladder Truck with Firemen and Flashing Siren!


  • Creative Play for Your Little Fireman – Build a red or yellow fire truck with magnetic tiles complete with flashing lights and 2 fire men, pretend play with the firemen will keep your kids occupied for hours
  • Easy Cleanup and Storage – Magnetic building set pieces stick together for easy cleanup, compact storage, and are less likely to clutter your home than wooden blocks
  • Easy Construction for Prekindergarten Toddlers (3+) and Older Kids – Rare-earth magnets make these tiles position themselves
  • No more Lego museums – Kids discover it’s fun to knock our magnetic tiles down and build again!
  • Tested for Safety – Exceed American and European safety testing for ages 3+ and have a 1 year manufacturer’s equipment warranty to the original purchaser for any defects


We designed this fire truck magnetic tile set with our son and with your little fireman in mind. Build a red ladder truck one day and build a yellow airport fire truck the next. Imaginations will run wild with this great set of magnetic tiles. Check out our instructions to see the pieces in action.

Our toys inspire your kid’s creative side and increase their intelligence at the same time! The plastic enclosed magnetic tiles pass American and European safety testing for ages prekindergarten and older (3+) and have a 1 year manufacturer’s equipment warranty to the original purchaser for any defects.

This 34 piece set of magnetic blocks comes with all of the shapes you need to build a fire truck complete with flashing lights and two firemen!

What’s included:

– 8 white triangles
– 2 white rectangles
– 1 white square
– 10 red and yellow rectangles
– 2 quarter circles for a stately door
– 6 red and yellow squares
– 2 firemen
– 2 square yellow attachment bases for the firemen
– 1 flashing light bar
– 2 sets of wheels

Here’s a video showing you just how easy it is to build:

Each translucent tile has two colors, red on the front and yellow on the back. The solid white pieces for the ladder are white on both sides.

Your kids can build red or yellow trucks and lower and raise the ladder. Their only limit is their imagination!

One of the best advantages of these magnetic tiles is that they are educational too! Your kids can learn all sorts of concepts with these great educational toys:

  • Magnetism – You can teach them how opposite poles attract and show them how the magnets adhere to metal objects.  You can also show them how using three or four magnets together instead of just 2 can actually make their structures weaker because it divides the magnetic field between the tiles.
  • Shapes – It’s easy to teach your kids shapes and colors while they’re engrossed in playing with their brand new toys!  This set is a great start to learn about shapes with the tiles.  Plus, you can build even more like rectangles, cubes, and pyramids.
  • Geometry – You can explain concepts like equilateral triangles and isosceles triangles with your older kids to give them a head start at school.
  • Sorting and Counting – Have your younger kids sort by shapes or colors and count while they do it.  With our 88 piece set, this can be quite a challenge!

Our magnetic tiles exceed all applicable US safety tests and are very durable. But, if tiles do happen to break and release the magnets, please discard the parts immediately. Swallowed magnets can stick together inside the body and cause serious harm to small children. Seek immediate medical attention if magnets are swallowed.

Additional information

Weight 1.8 oz
Dimensions 11.1 × 7.9 × 2.4 in

2 to 4 years, 5 to 7 years, 8 to 13 years

15 reviews for Magnetic Tile Fire Truck Set, 34 pieces, Red or Yellow Ladder Truck with Firemen and Flashing Siren!

  1. AC

    No instructions included. Have to go on line to get instructions which is time consuming.

  2. Mendy McClure

    My grandson and husband enjoyed playing with the magnetic tiles and building different types of machines. Unfortunately, we did not receive the white pieces for the ladder. Since it was a gift, I saved the box for several weeks, and actually ordered another box for my nephews. Their white ladder pieces were in the box.

    Still enjoy the idea and concepts and even though there were no ladder pieces, creativity stepped in!

  3. Tiffany

    My boys love these! Good quality too. They do send directions in an email, which didn’t bother me and after a few times building it, very easy to remember.

  4. Jennifer Lynn Hame

    My son loves them!

  5. Terry

    Our three year old grandson loved this toy. I love how the pieces can be white or red. There is a section that blinks red and white. I did use a little Phillips to tighten up the screws on the piece that lights up. Our grandson loves going back to play with this toy every day. I highly recommend this toy. You will not be disappointed.

  6. ellen helfrick

    Expected it to ‘sync’ perfectly with the name brand set and it does not.

  7. Amanda kenney

    So cute! Great deal too! For a Christmas gift

  8. mc2cmt

    Such a cute set! We love these tiles, and enjoy getting new sets to build on their own or add to larger creations when mixed with other sets. Both my 2 year old and 6 year old love these!

  9. Michael Giardino

    My son absolutely loves this. He loves fore trucks and has made a firehouse and fire truck with the magnet tiles. There really isn’t much to not like about this. He has enjoyed hours of fun with it!

  10. Sandra Guillemette

    I need instructions to build it

  11. Grammy4

    I purchased this for my five year old grandson who loves to build with the magnet tiles. This came on time, was packaged very well and the instructions were emailed for putting it together (I liked this because if he loses them I have them saved). I would definitely recommend this product.

  12. AC

    it is not good for pinewood derby. Put on the car and left overnight it all dripped off. We collected it and replaced it and it kept dripping for days. We just had to keep pushing it back up. I’ve used other tungsten putty every year for the last 4 years of cub scouts and this is the only time it has ever behaved like this.

  13. jgishere

    Very happy with product.

  14. Mary E Winans

    Grandson loves this.

  15. Angel Mullen

    These are awesome! Equivalent to the expensive ones! My kids can spend hours building with these. Great purchase and would definitely recommend.

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