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88 pc Magnetic Toys for Toddlers, Great Starter Set of Magnetic Tile Blocks, 5 Different Shapes

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  • Kids learn color and shape recognition, building, coordination, patterns, and magnetism
  • Easy for younger kids (3+) and older siblings; rare-earth magnets make these tiles position themselves
  • Magnetic tiles stick together for easy cleanup, compact storage, and are less likely to clutter your home
  • Excellent value, enjoy for years as you add tiles and structures get larger (compatible with Magformers)
  • No more Lego museums, fun to knock down and play with again! And, pleasant to step on in the dark!
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These magnetic blocks are good for hours of fun.  Inspire your kid’s creative side!

The plastic enclosed magnetic tiles pass American and European safety testing for ages 3+.

This 88 piece set of magnetic blocks comes with plenty of shapes to really get creative!

  • Learn colors and shapes while building with these magnetic tiles
  • Pieces stick together for easy cleanup, compact storage, and are less likely to clutter your home
  • Perfect for younger kids as well as older siblings: rare-Earth magnets on all sides make these tiles position themselves
  • Excellent value that your children will enjoy for years as you add tiles and their structure get larger
  • Teach coordination and creativity

Check out this post and video to see just how easy building cars and buildings can be.

What’s included:

  • 18 triangles
  • 26 squares
  • 2 trapezoids
  • 18 card inserts
  • 4 wheel sets
  • 2 hexagons
  • 2 rectangles
  • 8 isosceles triangles
  • 1 Ferris wheel kit

Each tile has two colors, one on the front and one on the back.  So, whether your kids want to match colors or have a beautiful rainbow building, the choice is theirs.  Their only limit is their imagination!

Your kids can learn all sorts of concepts with these great educational toys:

  • Magnetism – You can teach them how opposite poles attract and show them how the magnets adhere to metal objects.  You can also show them how using three or four magnets together instead of just 2 can actually make their structures weaker because it divides the magnetic field between the tiles.
  • Shapes – It’s easy to teach your kids shapes and colors while they’re engrossed in playing with their brand new toys!  This set is a great start to learn about shapes with the tiles.  Plus, you can build even more like rectangles, cubes, and pyramids.
  • Geometry – You can explain concepts like equilateral triangles and isosceles triangles with your older kids to give them a head start at school.
  • Sorting and Counting – Have your younger kids sort by shapes or colors and count while they do it.  With our 88 piece set, this can be quite a challenge!

What else can you think of?

Additional information

Weight 1.8 oz
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 6 in

5 to 7 years, 8 to 13 years

19 reviews for 88 pc Magnetic Toys for Toddlers, Great Starter Set of Magnetic Tile Blocks, 5 Different Shapes

  1. Customer

    We bought this for our 3 year old grandson. My daughter (his mother) has said he loves it and since he is coming to visit, we ordered a smaller version to play with while he’s visiting for spring break. But it must be good because my son-in-law went looking for other pieces to buy. I like the idea of the tote to keep the pieces together and neat. Nothing is worse than a pile of toy pieces in the bottom of the toy box.

  2. Toni Katcherian

    This toy is fantastic for kids. But some pieces were missing , such as the yellow squares. Nine yellow squares were missing???? Not good!

  3. Daniel Oyler


  4. Tammy

    Work as expected, like carrying case and options.

  5. Timothy K.

    missing the ferris wheel parts… had to return.

  6. Karma

    The Magnetc Tiles set was sent overseas to my grandkids as a Christmas gift. Grandkids are 6 and 3 years old. They absolutely love them! They build and rebuild. My daughter in law wrote and said they don’t have to assist in “fixing” anything back to its original state like other toys. Additionally, it even keeps the adults very well entertained.

  7. Pat litchfield

    A little hard for the younger ones.

  8. pmanning

    Very entertaining for our granddaughter.

  9. Kindle Customer

    They are wonderful and the children love them

  10. Alison Hobart

    We love this toy! We received it at a discounted price for an honest review. I honestly wasn’t thinking it would be that great, but they are! I am thinking about buying a second box to add on to it with! Kept my four kids busy for hours tonight!

  11. yvonneg

    I purchased this product for my 2.5 year old twins, so I knew from the start it was likely a little ahead for them, but had seen them play with something similar at their friend’s house so took a chance.

    Overall I think this is a good product, 3 days later and they still have my twins’ attention and I have enjoyed building with these too. Love the varied pieces you get and what you can build with them – a great starter set for anyone thinking of buying such a product.

    Unfortunately, the girls broke one of the stands to the ferris wheel part on the first day, but that is what you get when you let a 2.5 year old play with that part – hoping I will be able to glue it and use it when they are older.

    I would have given this 5 stars but do feel the magnets need to be a little bit stronger, particularly on the wheel bases – I have made countless cars and the wheels easily fall off with even the gentlest of pushing. As my twins age they will hopefully become a little more careful making this less of an issue. What is great is that you get 4 wheel bases with this kit which means I can build a car for each twin – essential for a happy household!

    I received this product at a discounted price for my honest review.

  12. Icestation

    Chose this set for my granddaughter. Had a couple of pieces missing upon receipt. Not to worry. Reached out to Mustard Seed Toys and Jen expedited the missing pieces within a few days. Set is completely engaging.

  13. D. Sorenson

    My grandson loves this! I bought this and the smaller kit so he would have plenty of pieces for his mom and dad to help build items. They made the Ferris wheel and a truck the first day! Great product!

  14. Anointed Mom

    These are just as good as the expensive ones. We got magformers from the stem club and needed more. My boys 2, 3, and 5 play with these a lot!
    My only complaint is the tires. the vehicle they made collapses if they try to cruise it around. When a “masterpiece” falls apart I hear crying and frustration. So, if the magnets on the tires were stronger maybe car creations can be rolled or moved.

  15. A.M.

    Great product! Nice variety of shapes and different building options. The container is wonderful for storage. The ferris wheel and the music it plays are absolutely precious!

  16. J Hunter

    We chose this set to add on to the 40 piece magnet set from A Mustard Seed Toys that we purchased about a year ago. The magnets have been used to build multiple creations by our kids. We have also used the tiles to help teach our kids shapes. The magnet tiles are good quality and “stick” to each other great. If you are looking for a magnetic tile set, you won’t be disappointed with these.

  17. Misty M

    These magnets are getting a lot of use in a kindergarten class. I have both Magna Tiles and this brand, and both are great quality. The price for these are much more reasonable and the carrying case is a total bonus. I knocked a star off because instructions did not come in my set. I had to contact the company on Facebook and here to get a very simple print out.

  18. reston slacker

    We received these as a gift and they work very well with the other brand of magnet toys that we have. They are a little thicker but they stick and hold without problem. Also the company gets an A+ for customer service. We contacted the seller because one piece was missing and she replied right away and sent a replacement and added in some extra tiles as well. They arrived within a couple days of contacting her.

  19. Nikkicb

    My 6 year old loves these

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