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A Mustard Seed Toys Teepee Stabilizer, Spreads poles out and makes teepees more secure and stable to prevent your kid’s tent from collapsing on toddlers and small kids


  • Prevents teepees from folding up on small children – Our teepee tent stabilizer spreads the poles of your teepee out, makes it more stable, and secures the poles to help prevent the teepee poles from closing on small kids if it does get pushed over.
  • Forces poles out and makes your teepee more secure – After you install our stabilizer kit, you’ll notice that each teepee pole is forced outward and is harder for toddlers to push out of position and make the play tent fall over.
  • Holds up against young kids with durable hardwood cones and sturdy steel hardware – The hardwood cones are designed to match the poles on your tent and blend right in, preserving the look of your tent.
  • Fully threaded bolt gives more room for adjustment – Unlike some kits, our anti-collapse teepee set can screw all the way in, making it easier to tighten onto a variety of similar teepees.
  • Fits A Mustard Seed Toys 4 Pole Teepees – This kit is designed for the A Mustard Seed Toys Teepees, with an angle to match our 4′ base and 5′ tall teepees.
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Our teepee stabilizer kit is made specifically for A Mustard Seed Toys 4 pole teepee tents. The stabilizer is a great addition if you have a toddler or active kids who may accidentally knock the teepee over onto themselves.

Our teepee stabilizer also helps to keep the teepee poles spread out and the wall straight when the teepee is set up, especially if it’s installed on a smoother tile or hardwood floor.

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Weight 15 oz
Dimensions 40 × 4 × 2 in

8 reviews for A Mustard Seed Toys Teepee Stabilizer, Spreads poles out and makes teepees more secure and stable to prevent your kid’s tent from collapsing on toddlers and small kids

  1. R.E.

    This worked okay. Bolt was too short for my teepee, so I bought a longer one at Home Depot, and was able to thread that through the wooden pieces.

  2. Darilek Family

    Too hard. This thing sucks. I really wanted it to work but we just can’t figure it out.

  3. Andrea Cacaro

    It works. Bought this stabilizer for kids teepee. The teepee we have is constantly collapsing on my kids while they play. Add this stabilizer to our teepee and it hasn’t collapsed again! Stabilizer does need to be tightened ever so often.

  4. EJG

    Solid, well made. Definitely a good idea to help our granddaughters teepee be more stable

  5. Beachgirlforever

    Three hands to install. A bit awkward to install but works great!

  6. Sara M.

    hard to use. In theory this device seems obvious on how to use it. I’m pretty mechanically inclined, I read the directions, and tried to make it look like the diagram- it doesn’t. I still installed in on my tee pee the best I could. I can’t see that it’s stabilizing anything. It is very difficult to get it between the poles like it should be…. I haven’t taken it off and tried my tee pee without it, so maybe that’s what I need to do to see if it’s helping anything, but I would say save your money. If your teepee is wobbly try tightening everything else before you buy this thing.

  7. J.S. Fox

    Can’t get it to work. I can’t figure out how to get it to stay in place.

  8. customer

    Horrible product.
    This is the worst thing I have spent my money on, not only it doesn’t work but the amount of frustration I have experienced is beyond words. Don’t buy this!

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