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Tree Swing Hanging Kit, 8 ft. Strap with Stainless Steel Screw-Lock Carabiner, Fits Any Tree, Connects to Any Swing


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  • Built to Last: Wide strap and heavy-duty stainless steel hardware can hold the whole family and resist rust and corrosion
  • Safely Works with Any Tree: The wide nylon strap goes around any branch, protects your tree, and is easy on small hands, insuring your kids can safely swing from a live branch for years to come. Our strap does not cut into and harm the tree like chains do.
  • Fits All Swings: Use a single strap for tire swings, disc swings, and web swings. Get two for classic sling seats, toddler swings, and porch swings.
  • Adjusts to Fit Any Limb: Our strap wraps around the limb and will go around the largest to the smallest limbs. Also, wrap the strap around multiple times if you need a slightly shorter strap for your tree and swing.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee: Satisfied customers love our tree swing kits, and we know you will too. We use only the best materials in our outdoor play equipment for durable products. If you are unsatisfied in any way, for any reason, we will immediately refund your purchase.

Designed with Our Kids in Mind!

At A Mustard Seed Toys, we believe in integrity and charity. And that means not cutting corners on quality for profit. We know you’ll love how our tree swing products hold up. If not, we’ll send your money back!

Easy Installation

Just throw the looped end over the branch, run the other end through the loop, and pull tight to hang the strap. Then, snap your swing into the carabiner and screw down the lock to secure it. Carrying the ladder will be harder than attaching our strap!

The Tree Will Break Before Our Straps Do

Our industrial grade nylon will hold any child or adult you can get in a swing! We test each sample to failure, so we know that it will hold the weight. To us, this isn’t just about slick marketing words, it’s about safety for your most precious possessions.

Features You Will Love

  • Industrial strength materials will be around after your kids move out
  • 2 inch wide strap prevents damage to your tree
  • easy to take down and wash if you want
  • the nylon is much easier on small hands than a chain
  • no more grinding and creaking, just a smooth, quiet ride

What Types of Swings Will the Tree Strap Work With?

With a single strap, you can hang:

  • Tire swings
  • Disc swings
  • Web swings
  • Single-seat hammock swings

With two straps, you can hang:

  • Standard sling swings
  • Wooden swings
  • Porch swings
  • Toddler swings
  • Hammocks

We guarantee our products unconditionally. If you are not satisfied with anything at all you purchased from A Mustard Seed Toys, we will refund every cent.

This Package Includes:

  • A single 8 foot strap with two webbed loops
  • A stainless steel, screw-lock carabiner to attach the strap to a swing or chain

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4 reviews for Tree Swing Hanging Kit, 8 ft. Strap with Stainless Steel Screw-Lock Carabiner, Fits Any Tree, Connects to Any Swing

  1. Dianna K. Michaels

    Works great for my hammock chair. THANKS to customer service at Mustard Seed Toys for their quick response and answering my questions about how to hang…you simply make a loop out of the webbing, put it over the tree limb and then run the webbing through the loop again and adjust for the height you need.
    I had a high tree limb and needed to situate the bottom of chair fairly low to ground and I had plenty of length to do so. I combined it with a large “S” hook attached to caribiner and the loop on top of hammock chair and it swings and twirls effortlessly. Great product at a good price, especially if you only need one piece of webbing, many others sell 2 to a package.

  2. C. M. Coppenbarger

    This strap is pretty good as far as heavy-duty and strength. My issue is more with the fact that this should have been included with the tire swing kit. The other issue is that it is really long. I probably should have bought a shorter one, but this one does work as I had to wrap this on around the tree branch twice for the tire swing kit. If you are buying this one for the tire swing kit, I recommend a shorter strap, unless your tree branch is really high. Mine was fairly high, but I still had to wrap this twice.

  3. jlp

    Worked great to hang our swing from the tree. No issues, holds several kids at one time, adults, etc.

  4. AC

    Works perfectly with hammock swing.

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