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Non-Toxic Jumbo Sidewalk Chalk – 100 Triangular Pieces, Won’t Roll Out of Reach or Towards the Road, Works Well On Chalkboard Paint, Concrete, Asphalt and More


  • WON’T ROLL AWAY: Chalk pieces are thicker on one end so that they don’t roll to the road
  • NON-TOXIC FORMULA: The primary ingredient in our chalk is also used in Tums antacid tablets, while it shouldn’t be eaten, the formula is certified as safe by an independent testing lab
  • ENCOURAGES PROPER GRIP AND IS PERFECT FOR SMALL HANDS: 100 Jumbo 1″ triangles, the over 4″ long pieces are perfect for young hands
  • 10 VIBRANT COLORS FOR A VARIETY OF PICTURES: Draw anything you can imagine with a great assortment of colors (red, yellow, green, blue, orange, purple, brown, beige, rose, black, white)
  • WORKS GREAT ON MULTIPLE SURFACES: Our chalk looks great on concrete driveways, asphalt, wooden tree houses and play sets, blackboards, and chalkboard paint. Spray with water to remove from sidewalks and driveways and wash hands with soap and water to remove it
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At A Mustard Seed Toys, we make products that we’re happy for our own kids to use . . . and we can be picky parents! Our chalk products came from our daughter’s love of arts and crafts. She loves to keep our driveway decorated, and I’m sure your kids will too.

Sidewalk chalk is an affordable toy that’s good for hours of fun. And, it’s great for stretching your kids’ creative abilities as they dream up and create animals, castles, vehicles and more.

Your kids will:

– Develop fine motor skills as they play and use chalk to learn shapes, colors, and patterns.
– Love playing all of the games you did as a kid as you introduce them to hop-scotch, mazes, four square, tic-tac-toe, and more!
– Immerse themselves in their imaginative worlds while they practice and hone their artistic abilities.


100 Jumbo Pieces of Chalks in 11 Colors
– Red
– Yellow
– Green
– Blue
– Orange
– Purple
– Brown
– Beige
– Rose
– Black
– White

Our non-toxic chalk conforms to ASTM D 4236.

We’ve tested our chalk thoroughly, and it works well on concrete, asphalt, chalkboards, chalkboard paint, and wood (tree houses and playground sets). I’m sure there are more too, we’d love to hear what your kids like to decorate with their chalk.

Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 4.5 in

27 reviews for Non-Toxic Jumbo Sidewalk Chalk – 100 Triangular Pieces, Won’t Roll Out of Reach or Towards the Road, Works Well On Chalkboard Paint, Concrete, Asphalt and More

  1. Karly

    I love the triangular shape! No chalk rolling down the driveway! This amount will last a long time and it arrived in great shape. Nice colors, too. I would purchase this again!

  2. Selkins

    Lots of colors, each piece lasts a long time. Didn’t ship in a padded box so some were broken upon arrival that’s why I gave it 4 stars. Good product, great price!

  3. Kathy W

    Everything looked great! The chalk came in a nice sturdy box. It was purchased as a gift, so I can’t say how well it performed.

  4. AC

    Chalk is great for my toddler and the development tips they share are very good as well. Will definitely order more!

  5. AC

    Awesome quality!

  6. stretch

    Great for little and big hands. A lot of variety.

  7. Rachel

    Chalk is a nice size and shape and good color variety. The package leaves a little to be desired, being only cardboard. The flaps on the lid have a very tight fit, so it is hard for little kids to get the box closed properly.

  8. Danielle F.

    Received in a timely manner and none broken. My nephew was so excited to get the chalk for Christmas and can’t wait to use them this summer! Great buy for the price.

  9. Sandra Rodriguez

    My grandson loves the chalk! I love it cause it doesn’t break easily. I would like to see more of the vibrant colors and less pastels.

  10. Darlene Slama

    My Grandson just loved the chalk and the colors were very bright.

  11. AC

    Great product and fast shipping!

  12. Kristine Magrum

    No chalk was broken on arrival. Received a follow up email from seller quickly after arrival – who states she is a stay-at-home mom/entrepreneur which I thought was really cool and I’m happy to support her venture. Look forward to hours of play with the kids this spring/summer!

  13. Gigi

    Bought it for childs class and they loved it.

  14. S. Bailly

    Good assortment of colors for an excellent price. My toddler is obsessed with drawing, and he goes through chalk like crazy. This set has pretty colors, and I think the shape helps him draw more precise lines.

  15. hizzerm

    Kids love the chalk and thanks for the game idea printouts!

  16. michelle

    Colors are bright! Easter gift for my kids and they loved these.!

  17. G. GRAY

    The order arrived very quickly. I bought these for our preschool and the teachers were very excited that the chalk was triangular shaped to prevent it from rolling away. They loved the colors and large quantity of chalk.

  18. PMC

    Great product! I’ll never buy regular sidewalk chalk again!!

  19. Matthew J. Mcgee

    I just wish the colors were a, little more vibrant

  20. AC

    My almost 1.5 year old loves these and could spend all day drawing with chalk on our driveway. Draws easily/works like you would what you would expect of chalk.

    Biggest wins for us:
    – Easy and big enough for my 1.5 year old to hold (but not too big)
    – triangle shape doesn’t roll away
    – of course they break most of the time when they are dropped – it’s chalk, but I was pleasantly surprised how many times she’s dropped the chalk or banged it on the driveway, and they’ve stayed together. More durable than I expected. Perfect for a toddler.

  21. Lord Viper Scorpion

    Nice chalks. Large and won’t roll off the drive way. My little one loves drawing with them.

  22. brenda mcgriff

    Bought this for my one year old daughter and she LOVES it! I like that it is triangular so it won’t roll away as we have a long driveway and I don’t want her chasing chalk down to the street. It also washes away easily and doesn’t stain clothes or the sidewalk.

  23. Tatyana Strelnikova

    Fits into Melissa’s and Doug chalk holder, light weight, doesn’t flake off. Four stars only because have to press hard on uneven surfaces for coverage, but that’s acceptable for non toxic chalk

  24. Stacy Perry

    7 sticks of the chalk were broken in the box. Which wouldn’t be a huge deal if the sticks of chalk weren’t being given to my students as a part of their end of the year gift. There were very few pieces of blue, purple, yellow and gray sticks of chalk. The box was heavy with beige and light pink sticks of chalk.

  25. Becs13

    I love how many there are since they do tend to disappear fast, and it’s GREAT that they don’t roll away! We love them 🙂 Not worried about my 2 year old getting it in her mouth which is really nice!

  26. Larissa

    Good price for alot of chalk. They used them as one of the favors for my son’s party. My son was born the end of May so I like to do summer theme type favors. These were perfect.

  27. Crystal S.

    These are perfect for outdoor fun!

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