Reusable Birthday Party Decorations

It is always fun to throw a birthday party at home. And no matter how often you say you’re going to keep it simple this year, you still buy decorations that you end up throwing away afterwards or stored in a closet somewhere – never to be used again. In this article, we’ll show you party decors that can be reused for kid’s room or for everyday play. Dual purpose, dual savings. 🙂

Colorful Buntings

Add a colorful bunting in any room, and in an instant, it says “fun!” More often that not, those garlands are in your child’s favorite color or even favorite cartoon character, so chances are you can use them again. You can also use it to decorate a corner of your child’s room – her play area or inside her teepee tent even.

String Lights

LED string lights are becoming fixtures in parties right now. It adds glam to any event and contributes to the party ambiance. You can try our star string lights and use it to hang the celebrant’s photos and serve as a whimsical backdrop of the cake table. Afterwards, you can hang it in your child’s bedroom so she can pretend to sleep under the stars. As an option, you can also try our white lantern string lights. Should you want to add color to this, feel free to paint them any color you want.

LED star lights room decorations 1200sq

Wall or Hanging Flowers

Wall or hanging flowers are big hits in parties since they are easy to make and beautiful too. In fact, they’re so beautiful that it is a waste to just use them once after all of that effort to make them!. So, why not use it to decorate your daughter’s room? You can pin it in curtains or display them near her bed.

Hanging Lanterns

Lanterns, both cloth and paper lanterns, are almost a fixture in many parties we’ve attended. And why not, they look nice plus they’re easy to set up. And yes, afterwards you can use it as a night lamp in your child’s room or to decorate a teepee.

Felt Garlands

These versatile wool felt garlands comes into two different designs – balls and alphabets. Both come in rainbow colors for that added fun vibe. Use it as party decors then after as tools to teach your kids colors and letters.

Light Box

This, you can definitely reuse. After “Let’s Party”, you can rearrange the letters and spell your child’s name or you can even put a positive quote for inspiration.

Decorative Letter Light

Same with the light box, you also can definitely this use again. Usually, it’s the first letter of your child’s name so you can put this in her room and use as a side lamp. Or you can put this on top of her desk, along with her favorite things, and use as a decorative piece.


For surprise parties, confetti can be a blast! Any kid loves confetti thrown at them. It’s fun. It’s colorful. It’s festive. The downside – it’s just thrash after it’s used (and the cleanup!). But now, it can actually serve as decor or an art and crafts material for your kid as well. You can put them in a clear bottle and use as a decorative piece on their shelf or table. Or you can put glue all over a piece of paper, pour the confetti over it and let it dry. Once dry, you now have a colorful and shining art piece. You can have it framed and hung on their wall.


Like confettis, ribbons scream parties! And yes, they too end up as thrash right after the party. So why not turn it into a play thing. You can have your child measure two ribbons and teach him the concept of length. You can also teach him colors using ribbons.

My daughter likes to use them like hair extensions, giving her dolls colorful highlights!

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