Princess Castle Instructions

Hey! We’re glad you purchased (or were given) our princess castle kit.  I’m confident your kids will love it just like my daughter does.

Let’s get started with the build!

Building the Gate Towers


First, make two sets of tiles like this picture.  These will become the towers on each side of your gate.  Note the use of the long rectangles on each side of the bottom.

castle gate towers

Next, pick up the center tiles and let the rest of the tiles fold down, forming three sides of the tower.  Then, stand the tower upright.

Now that the tower is standing, you can take the floor piece (made from one square tile and one insert) and place it inside the tower just below the window.

Finally, add the square and triangle pieces to the back of the tower to close in the rest of the room and roof.

Repeat those steps again for the second tower.

Completing the Gate


Good job on the towers, they can be a little tricky!

Next, grab the two curved pieces to form the arch over the top of the gate.

princess castle gate

Time to complete the gate:

Use two rectangles and two quarter circles to complete the two sides of the gate.

Once you’re finished, go ahead and place it in between the two towers.  Then, place the arch over the top.

Adding to the Outer Walls

Now, use rectangle and square pieces to make the rest of the left courtyard wall.

Place it on top.  The square piece will form the rest of the interior courtyard wall.


Now, use rectangle and square pieces to make the rest of the right courtyard wall.

Then, set it in place over the top of the wall and let the square piece fold down to the inside of the courtyard.


Once you place the walls, it will look like this:

courtyard walls

Adding to the Outer Walls

Now, link two rectangles end-to-end and fold them 90 degrees to form the two corners at the back of the palace.

Once the walls are connected, you can add the two small towers that you made previously on each rear corner.


Here’s what it looks like:


The remaining 2 rectangle tiles to form the inside and top of the rear wall.

Here is the wall before the towers go on:


Finish the Rear Towers

Next, use 4 triangles and 4 squares to make the top of the left, rear tower.

Repeat that to make the top of the right, rear tower.

Then, fold the pieces into a small tower.


Now, place the towers on the rear corners of the castle.



magnetic building blocks princess castle set

That’s it!  Now all you have to do is let your imagination run wild.

Find a carriage to park in the courtyard or host a royal ball!

We hope you enjoy your new toy.  If you have a minute, we’d love it if you share your creations with us on our Facebook page.  If you do, we’ll enter you into a monthly drawing for a free toy.