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Portable Kids Canvas Teepee Tent with Carrying Case, White Cotton Canvas


  • Built from High Quality Materials: High Quality, Machine Washable, Heavy Canvas Teepee Tent with Hardwood Poles and Plenty of Room for Adults and Kids (62″ tall, 48″x48″ base when set up). We use no chemical fire retardants in our tents for your children’s safety. Your satisfaction is guaranteed when you purchase a teepee (or tipi) tent from us.
  • Portable with Quick Assembly: Can be put together in minutes with the included instructions
  • Easily Open and Close: Window and door flaps Velcro shut or can be held open with canvas ties
  • Toy Storage Inside: Store books and other toys in the pocket below the window inside
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You can find the perfect room for this kids canvas teepee tent.  It works with any accent colors, pillows, or paint schemes.  Plus, your kids will love letting their imaginations run wild when they play in their tent. Complete with doors and windows, they will quickly make it their own space. Plus, it’s big enough that you will be invited in too (4 feet across the bottom and over 5 feet tall)!

This tent is solid white and is great when you aren’t sure what color scheme you need to match or want to paint your own decorations!

Our box comes with:

– Heavy cotton canvas tent

– High quality, Eucalyptus hardwood poles and connectors that look great and are very strong

– Canvas string with capped ends to easily thread through the poles when you assemble your tent

– Detailed instructions that coach you through the assembly

– A quality carrying case that’s great for taking your tent to the park or the beach

Not sure about white, check out our navy or gray versions too.

How to Assemble Your Kids Canvas Teepee Tent

After unpacking the box, you’ll have your new canvas teepee tent up and ready for play in minutes.  Here are the steps:

  1. Use the plastic threaded connectors to assemble the poles (be sure to get a pole with a hole in the end for each set)
  2. Unfold the tent and slide the poles into the four sleeves on the outside of the tent, being sure to slide the fabric all the way up
  3. Take the included string and thread it through the loops and poles, alternating between them
  4. Now, stand the tent up and stretch out the poles
  5. Wrap the string around the poles once and tie it in a bow

Great job!  Now, your kids are ready to enjoy their tent. 🙂

Manufacturer’s Warranty:

We have had great feedback from people that love our tent, and we’re confident you will too. If for some reason it’s not right for you though, send it back anytime within a year after your purchase and we will give you your money back.

Additional information

Weight 10.6 oz
Dimensions 37.5 × 4.5 × 4.5 in

2 to 4 years, 5 to 7 years, 8 to 13 years

136 reviews for Portable Kids Canvas Teepee Tent with Carrying Case, White Cotton Canvas

  1. Yesenia P

    So far so good! This is the perfect teepee at the right price! I love that the cloth doesn’t ride up the poles, something i was searching for when i was researching teepees. It also has the cloth on the bottom just in case you didn’t purchase a rug to go with it, which we didn’t. My daughter loves it and it even has pockets on the inside of the tent to store books and other little things. The set up was easy and didn’t take long at all (with my husband’s help).

  2. Cammie C.

    Easy to set up (even while my 2 year old was piling toys in while trying to put together) perfect size also! I liked that it had a bottom part that attached to the teepee that’s all attached

  3. CGuyton

    My nephew loves his tent!

  4. AC

    My granddaughter loves it , great quality and strong easy to assemble.

  5. ShwaaSkii

    In love!! Ordered this after debating multiple different ones. Wanted one for my son’s 1st birthday, one big enough where I can go in as well. He still wakes quite often and my poor hubby has been stuck on the couch for a year. Needless to say I’m going to get come kind of cushion and welcome to my new bed for those long nights that hopefully end soon! At least it’s cute and comfy!!

    Anyways. Decided to go with this because I wanted the square bottom not a Pentagon. I love it. It’s spacious. And it was even 20$ cheaper than other ones similar. I read the 3 reviews it had, and saw pics. It seemed like the one. It Is!

    Obviously it comes packaged , so it will be Wrinkled. The packaging was perfect though! So before we set it up I ironed it. It looks great! Easy to assemble. I think the poles will be sturdy because they include twist connectors. Pop them in, and tie the string in the loops and around the poles bam! I’ve heard some duct tape the poles if they unscrew so we’ll see if I need to do this with this one.

    There was a little snag about 3 inches long on the bottom where it looked like the threading was loosened connected the floor to the side. When the seller emailed me to see how I liked my purchase I simply told them that and they issued some cash back to have it fixed !! I was not expecting that nor looking for it!! They did it promptly too!

    I am above and beyond thrilled with this purchase and so is my son. He just started getting excited and is beyond thrilled when we walk into his room! Thank you!

    Pics of my boys and hubby!

  6. V from NJ

    Very well made. I bought this plain white teepee and embellished it with fabric and iron on patches to match bedding in my nautical guest suite in our vacation home. My friend’s grandchild absolutely loved it and even slept in there while he was visiting. Having the bottom makes the teepee sturdier and it does not climb up the poles. Would highly recommend.

  7. LG

    This is an awesome tent. Perfect size for my 4 year old.

  8. david

    They said it was machine washable in the description.It is not. It is cream colored not white. The tepee itself seems to be durable fabric. Not terrible but not amazing.

  9. Karen E.

    This is a great teepee – strong construction, stable set up, and good quality fabric. Please add a cushion that can be inserted into the bottom floor – when this is set up on a hard floor it is very uncomfortable. Also, offer a correctly sized cushion for those of us who have already purchased this wonderful teepee! I wish I had one when I was a child.

  10. G Johnson

    Our grandson is two and was so excited to wake up on his birthday and see his new teepee tent. He first put his favorite stuffed toy in the tent and then a few toy trucks and balls. Amazingly, he would not let anyone into “his” teepee all day until in the late afternoon when he let his “Opa” come in with him. He plays in the teepee almost every day!
    Great product! Very Durable! Easy to assemble, carry, and store (hasn’t happened yet).

  11. Melissa

    My 1 1/2 year old loves the tent. Easy to assemble and move around. White color goes with everything.

  12. Keri Williams

    The quality of the teepee tent is great! My grandchildren are enjoying it so much. We had a little issue where some of the connectors to the poles were missing which was really more of a vendor issue. Mustard Seed Toys was very prompt to correct the situation. I would definitely recommend this teepee and purchasing from Mustard Toys.

  13. T. Horner

    Excellent customer service and shipping time. Unfortunately the way the teepee sits–due to the material–it sags in on all three sides (not including the door.) Feels claustrophobic and diminishes the interior size. Considering returning it.

  14. Sabrina

    I love the good quality canvas and wooden poles. 4 stars because I can’t make my tent to stand stretched out, the sides keep getting loose. Any advice?

  15. Mairi

    Absolutely Love it!! Weather the grand kids are here or not it looks great in the family room and our Cavalier king Charles loves to nap in there as well. LOL

  16. odgrammy

    Adorable! Easy to set up and big enough for my grandkids to set inside! They love it!

  17. atr

    Just received it today and my kids (2 1/2 and 4 yrs) absolutely love it. I previously bought a different tent but ended up returning it because it had flame retardant on it. Nice to know this one is free of those chemicals. Also very sturdy and my kids especially love the window.

  18. Jenn M

    I am really impressed with the quality of this teepee. It is even better than I expected! I actually purchased it as an indoor play space for my pets…yes, I’m just this side of being a card-carrying member of the crazy cat lady club… Anyhoo, the teepee is adorable, and so very well made. Set up was a breeze, and it is just super-cute. I’m very, very happy with this purchase! (And so are my cats!) 🙂

  19. Laura

    very well made and absolutely adored by ny 3yo nephew!

  20. AC

    I ordered this teepee as a birthday gift for my 4 year old grandson and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. this teepee is made of a thick canvas material with sturdy wooden poles. Very easy to put together and comes in a good quality carrying case. It even has a window!

  21. Susanne Buxbaum

    On his birthday, my grandson (and nearly every adult in the room) couldn’t wait to get in there and peek out! This little family doesn’t have extra indoor space, so being able to put it in the back yard occasionally will be a huge plus. This was the Gift of the Day! Great colors; simple assembly and will be easy to store when not in use!

  22. Rob Aston

    Good quality material and wood. Easy to assemble and my daughter loves it. Would be nice if there were some loops inside to hook stuff onto, and maybe a secondary pocket on the opposite side inside the tent to store things. It’s great to have the floor of the tent attached to the 3 sides – it ensures that the sides are all in a good alignment.

  23. Cassie Graham

    We love this teepee tent!! It was a gift for my daughter’s 2nd birthday party and she squealed with excitement when she saw it. We have decorated the inside with fun pillows and blankets and the outside with cute banners and a personalized name plate for her. She loves it!

  24. Christian

    Great quality! Bigger than I expected but it’s really cute.

  25. AC

    Ordered as a Christmas present. Have not heard any complaints.

  26. Suzanne Rubens

    We bought this for our granddaughter’s 2nd birthday. It came on time and in good shape 🙂 My son assembled it without complications. The poles and fabric are sturdy, nice looking and safe for her play. It was a great (and reasonable) purchase…you won’t be disappointed!

  27. AC

    Purchased this as a First Birthday present! Highly recommend it, its loved by both adults and children! The quality is great and the price in comparison to similar tents is on the cheaper side. Not going to lie, I want one for myself!! Hehe!

  28. Jacki P

    My kids absolutely LOVE this tent!! We’ve been able to fit all four (my husband, both of my sons, and me) of us inside! The pockets on the inside are very spacious and convenient for putting their books and coloring books in!! Would definitely recommend!!!

  29. AC

    Bought this for my 3 yo grandson after his tonsillectomy surgery! Very well made the window is special and he floor helps it keep its shape! So glad I ordered this one . Grammie

  30. Kacie1350

    The kids and parents all love the new tent! It looks great in our “Camping Area.”
    At first, I was concerned about the white cloth bottom, BUT it stays remarkably clean!

  31. Sara Ferguson

    This tent is easy to assemble, is beautiful, and my 3 year old absolutely loves it! It was purchased to be a fun reading/ play area in his room and it will serve that purpose perfectly. I definitely recommend this tent; it’s fantastic!

  32. AC

    My Son Loves his New Teepee! The quality is great and it makes a great gift.

  33. Tired Toolmaker

    Another great Mustard Seed product and easy to assemble….my grandson will love it!

  34. Shawna

    Love it! Pockets and window are such a nice touch. My LO loves to put things in cubbies and pockets. So glad we purchased!

  35. AC

    My nephew loves this tent. Materials used are very sturdy and good quality. Easy to setup, take down and carry around. This was the best kid’s tent I found on the market.

  36. David

    Our two year old granddaugter loves it. Big enough for one of us to crawl in there and read books to her and her dolls.!

  37. AC

    Loved the quality of the teepe. Easy to set up and our granddaughter loves it! (16 months) I made four cute fabric flags for the top of the poles.

  38. katie

    Quick shipping! Nice product! Bought this for my son’s 1st birthday and he loves playing in it.

  39. AC

    Loved the tent, as did my three year old grandson and my nine month old grandson. It is already a kid gathering place!

  40. AC

    Loved this teepee! Easy to put together and looks just like the picture my daughter absolutely loves it!

  41. AC

    Well made, and sturdy, grandson delighted with it, and useful to throw all the toys in at the end of the day. It is large!

  42. Jennifer Davis

    My 1-year old grandson loves his teepee. Great material construction! Better than expected!

  43. Kathleen Wehr

    This has been a great purchase. My grandson loves it. This is where he seats and reads. Grandma can even fit it with him.

  44. AC

    Looks and fits great in my daughter’s room. Great quality and simple enough to put together.

  45. Norashikin

    we love the tent! easy to set up and dismatle. and it’s spacious too. definitely a must-buy! 5 stars! 😘❤️

  46. Desiree

    Easy to build. Very sturdy. My grandson loves it.

  47. AC

    I love it!

  48. rnbol

    My grandkids love this indoor tent.

  49. Danny C

    My son loves it. He wants to read book in it every day. And it is his favorite hiding spot

  50. Sandeep Gill

    Great materials from the teepee fabric to the wooden poles. Kiddo loves it!

  51. AC

    Love the teepee! Was easy to assemble. Very spacious.

  52. Carol Cloud

    Very durable, easy for child to crawl or walk in to read or play.

  53. Marla H.

    Great quality and the enjoyment exceeded by expectations!

  54. Andrea Wolf

    Love it. My 16 month old son loves it even more!

  55. Troy Toome

    Very good quality, easy to put together.

  56. Tanya

    Very nice and sturdy construction

  57. PIPEDR

    Kids Loved it!

  58. Wilma Morgan

    great product

  59. steven

    Kids love it

  60. Carol Cloakey

    We love this tent. I have a 5 and 3 year old and they both fit. They love the window. We wanted a tent with a floor to it to offer more stability. The floor is white and besides our crazy kids we have dogs who like to play in there too. I can already see paw prints. I wish the white bottom was grey instead just to hide the dirt but oh well, that’s what blankets are for! Still love this tent and think it’s the best out there.

  61. Annie

    Great tent. Easy to assemble. My kids love it.

  62. kayla bee

    I never take the time to write a review but I just have too this time!!!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this!!!! I was a little hesitant because there were not many reviews. But oh am I extremely glad that I went for it!!!! I spent HOURS researching tepees and was going to try and make one to save $$. But extremely glad I didn’t!! I have been raving about this to everyone!! The quality is better than others, the size is a littl bigger, the features (pocket, carrying bag, flooring, easy assembly) are better, the window (for playing peek a boo) is just amazing!!!! My one year old is in heaven!!! Don’t be hesitant just do it. Oh! Did I mention it’s cheaper than most others??? That was also very important to me. And this didn’t sacrifice quality in any aspect. This Teepee is for the win!!!

  63. mamp08

    I am p